No more order forms + No bulk orders required + No more managing spirit wear = EASY!

What is K-12 Spirit Wear Stores?

K-12 Spirit Wear Stores is an All-In-One Fundraising E-commerce Online Store platform and is a division of Charleston Tees an Official Licensee of the National Federation of High SchoolsCreated by a former School Board Member, our goal is to make an easier way for schools to manage spirit wear sales and fundraising. Our solution is a long-term solution.

Free Personalized Official Online Web Store

We build your school’s free spirit wear fundraising web store. Customized to your school, mobile-ready, and built to increase your fundraising opportunities. Your website can accept orders 365 days a year. Each school can have its own fundraising store within the website.

We Manage Spirit Wear for You

We print and ship your school products directly to your parents. Orders typically arrive directly to your customer within 7-10 days after placing an order. We provide an access portal for each school, originating from a store to review their sales and get reports.

No Minimum Order Required

We offer various sizes, color combinations, and designs. No more ordering in bulk, no more order forms, and no more managing spirit wear.

How Does the School Receive the Money from Goods Sold?

We send our partner school a check every two weeks for continuous online purchases for the total amount due the school or within seven days of the completion of the fundraising. We use PayPal because of its high security. We only need the correct email address to send payments to the school or organization.

What is the price?

The website is 100% free. You no longer must pay for designs, manage orders, or buy products upfront that may or may not sell – this is a huge savings upfront to the school, clubs, and groups. The price includes the school’s profit per item.

What products do you offer?

We offer T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. We offer a limited number of products for a very specific reason. By offering a limited number of products, we can guarantee quality and fast printing and shipping. However, we can offer other products in bulk purchasing (only). Just let us know what you have in mind.

Are prices of the products too high for my school/community?

NO. The prices of the products are determined by the school club or group.

More Program Features

Spirit Wear Fundraising Done!

We print and ship your school products directly to your parents. Orders typically arrive directly to your customer within 7-10 days after placing an order.

Free Design and Design Support

We provide excellent design services and support or assist the school in providing great graphics plus we can redo or modify your school mascot or logo.

Amazing Customer Service

We can create your school’s unique designs or use your school’s existing logo. Need flyers for an upcoming PTA meeting or to strategize on meeting spirit wear sales goals? Just drop us an email or give us a call.

Zero Costs

Your on-demand web store allows you to offer t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel in a variety of colors without having to purchase upfront or in bulk.

Quality School Spirit Wear Fundraising

Several school organizations can have their own spirit wear fundraising stores within the website to sell their selected products.

Products Printed

We only print on high-quality apparel to include:
T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, zip-ups, long-sleeve shirts, hats, and more.
Other products not listed are available in bulk ordering.

Easy, Free, & Mobile Ready!

Online Stores are the Future. Order forms are archaic! An online store allows your school to offer products all year without having to manage the process. We print and ship your goods directly to your customers and your school continues to earn fundraising dollars without any of the heavy lifting.

Need Bulk Items?

We have you covered. We also offer bulk purchasing items if you need to have items available locally. On average, we print and ship your school’s products to your customers within 7-10 days after their initial order. We also manage all returns and product issues, so you do not have to.